Monday, March 14, 2011

New Crop of Wedding Boutiques

I love it when a non-wedding related company decides to give their own spin on weddings, especially when it comes to the fashion side. It gives me a whole new perspective away from the traditional bridal magazines and brands.

When J.Crew entered the world of weddings they seemed to take over the business of bridesmaids' dresses, I would say majority of my bridesmaids' are in some style of J.Crew. And just when I was getting over the surprise of Anthropologie's new BHLDN Bridal Line (who I hear will be coming out with their own wedding decor line soon!!), I just received an email today from one of my favorite online shopping sites,, announcing that they will be releasing their new wedding boutique today!

Obviously these new wedding outlets are not for every bride--I actually have yet to meet a bride that has bought her dress online--receiving your dress in a box in the mail is not so enticing-- they don't offer the boutique feel and customer service of a small bridal atelier, but it's definitely fun to see some of the leading distributors of Fashion give their take on the Modern American Wedding.

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